Christmas Gift Pillow Packs - Christmas Gift Packaging

Each Pack contains 4 Units

Enhance the look and feel of your Christmas Gift this year. Use this Christmas pillow pack box for your gift wrapping. A pillow pack box is incredibly easy to use and looks great. When you fold the pre-creased flaps on both ends of the pillow box, the middle of the box puffs up into a smooth, rounded shape like a pillow. The standard box (Length 185mm x width 175 x depth 50mm), you can slide in jewellery, clothing and more – the box’s overlapping end flaps will keep its contents securely in place. Your pillow pack is printed full-colour on a heavy premium board.4 Pillow boxes per pack.

Two Sizes:

  • Standard:Size: 50mm x 190mm when puffed out. 
  • Large:Size: 100mm x 290mm when puffed out. 

Ideal for gifts such as socks, underwear, scarves and many more small gifts.

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Total : € 12.40