GDPR Confidential Covid Sign-In Book

The objective of COVID-19 Sign-In GDPR Book is to record people’s information while complying with GDPR. We have blocked out the private and personal information on the top sheet, so that other visitors cannot see or photo any personal information.

To ensure this book lasts a long time, the reusable plush executive folder may also be bought at the same time. To secure it in place, the front cover of this book is simply slid into the clear holder on the inside front cover of this folder

Each Sheet is made up of three sheets of Carbon Paper so your text is transferred from the top page to the bottom page of the set:

  • Top sheet is White with block out Printed for GDPR.
  • Second page is a Tinted Sheet that keeps the Signature Secure from being read.
  • Third sheet is White without any blockout text.

All the pages are glued on the four edges of the paper to form a secure enclosed 3 way paper set.

Size: A4 (210mm x 297mm)


  • Name
  • Visiting or Reason
  • Date
  • Time IN and Time OUT
  • Phone Number
  • Temparature and Feedback

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Total : € 45.00