Clear Protective Pull Up Screen


We have two sizes of Clear Pull up units available, standard width, and double width. They are both very easy to use, just pull the clear film from the unit and hook it onto the pole provided. When you need to put it away the film retracts back into the unit and the poles fold away. Both supplied with a carry case for easy movement in the boot of the car or public transport.


  • Standard (Wide: 800mm x Height: 2000mm)
  • Double (Wide: 1500mm x Height: 2000mm)

  • Quick and easy set up
  • Excellent stability and durability
  • Modern and clean design
  • Cost-effective and easy to use.

We have developed a range of protective screens to help shield staff and customers against the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19) disease. Your Protective screens are made from clear 240micron clear plastic. They are clean and transparent which act as a barrier and are perfect to be used as barriers in meeting rooms, canteens, open plan office areas.


Please check out our Standard Single Unit youtube video




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Total : € 180.00