Bottled Display Units

Bottled display units have proved highly effective when selling bottled products. Especially in the times of the COVID-19 crisis when many businesses had to find social distancing printed solutions.

But bottled display units are much more than just soap and disinfectant holders. They are the best way to present a new drink, beer, juice, or whiskey. You can easily introduce to your customers exactly why your refreshing drink will quench their thirst on a hot summer day.

This is a perfect display to show your consumers how you care about the environment and your product’s bottles are made from sustainable materials, you can also share what local ingredients you are using or exactly why local Irish people would love your new drink.

The Effectiveness of Bottled Display Units

The possibilities are endless when you use bottled display units. Especially when you find a high-quality printing company that can make your products stand out and reach your consumers in the best light possible.

Be bold in your ideas and our design team will do the rest. We can create a unit that impersonates Dublin’s skyline with the use of bottles and paper. Think  of a large cup of coffee-like printed products that contain your new caffeinated products. 

When you have a great idea and a high-quality printing company, your bottled display units will increase sales significantly. 

Get Your Bottled Display Unit

Are you ready for your next bottled display unit? If you have the design ready you can easily upload it through our website, but if you don’t you can contact us at +353 (01) 450 8616 or send us an email at and our in-house design team will create a stunning design with your ideas in mind.


Based on the selection of product size and additional option attributes, you can view and download the help template for the product.