Easy Clip Display

Are you thinking about how to best present your products to your customers and not invest a fortune? Let us introduce easy clip displays, an easy, fun, and effective way to push your products to your consumers.

When customers are in your shop as an effect of their curiosity or your efforts and printed displays, you want to keep them inside and help them make last-minute purchasing decisions. 

If you place your units and products in a controlled and well-thought manner, you can increase your sales during their last few minutes in your shop. These last moments can be especially lucrative because your customers are already prepared to leave and if you present them with something they might need or like, they will be happy to buy it and continue home.

This is why so many large retail stores keep candy, gums, and energy bars right at the register. Many of us will grab one of these last-minute, right before paying for our basket.

The Importance of Easy Clip Displays

Easy clip displays are better than the regular shelf units only in that they are easier to set up, move, and improve. When you feel like the unit is not doing its job in one place, you can easily set it up in another. Try to experiment and find a position that will reach the most views and sales.

Are You Looking for More?

Maybe easy clip displays are just what you need and you already have a design in mind you can send to us. But if you don’t you can contact us to discuss what product is most suited for your business and how best to present it to your consumers. You can contact us on +353 (01) 450 8616 or send us an email at sales@businessprint.ie




Based on the selection of product size and additional option attributes, you can view and download the help template for the product.