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Standard Business Cards

You might think that the days when business cards had a place in entrepreneurship are gone. Almost everything business-wise you do today is digital. You engage in Google Ads, Social Media marketing, and you read all those articles about how to make meaningful connections through a Twitter or Facebook post.

When, in reality, the only way to make a meaningful connection with a possible client is through eye contact, a handshake, and a business card. In other words, our lives may mostly be online, but if you have your business cards in your pocket and an opportunity to share one comes, you will be glad you made an effort to print it.

What Size is Standard Business Cards?

You will receive standard business cards from Business Print in a size that fits wallets and cardholders, 85mm x 55mm. You will also notice the card is stiff and heavy, and you can decide if you want double or one-sided printing.

How Much Should 500 Business Cards Cost?

When you order a standard or deluxe business cards, you want to order a decent amount. Simply because having them always ready at your office is easier than ordering a hundred or two every now and again.

The price for 500 pieces depends on the quality of the card. For example, 500 standard business cards cost 32€, while 500 deluxe business cards cost 54€.

Where Can You Buy Business Cards Online? 

Getting standard business cards online is easy and fast if you order from Business Print. You will receive a high-quality printing service backed with customer-centered support. Are you ready to order or do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us on (01) 450 8616 or send us an email at

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