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SEL shelf strips or label holders and ticket strips all refer to the same item. At first, it might seem obvious what it is and what it does, but you would be surprised by the actual reasoning behind this product and its effectiveness.

What Are SEL Strips?

Channel strips are point-of-purchase graphics. What is the usual point-of-purchase display’s job? It is to catch the consumers attention and help them make a buying decision. Now, mostly these displays are catchy, huge, usually cardboard elements sitting in the middle of the store showcasing a new product.

But, as a business owner in Ireland, you should never miss a chance to promote your products, even with something as simple as an SEL Strip.

SEL Strips are mostly made of polystyrene or rigid vinyl. With the most basic of ideas, you can use the SEL Strip to show a price tag and some fundamental information about the product.

However, there is a marketing side too, especially with a well-designed display.

Marketing Behind SEL Strips

Using eye-catching colouring you can signal a sale or a new product. You can also feature a barcode enabling your consumers to scan the product themselves. This kind of interactive shopping will keep your clients coming back for more.

By combining different colour combinations you can differentiate certain products, and more importantly, break down a grayscale gradient of store shelves.

Finally, with all the marketing you can use to get the consumers to the shelf and have them want to buy a product. An SEL strip is the last point of marketing you need. It is that little discount, a witty product description, or a barcode that will bring the sale home.

Get Your SEL Strip

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