GDPR Confidential Visitor Sign-In Book for Companies

Under 2018's GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations), visitor books should not show the current visitor the names of those that have previously visited. This is the single reason why all SSP's duplicating pass systems come with a discreet sheet to stop anyone viewing your visitor lists.

This only works if you are wanting your visitors to tear out and wear a visitor pass around your building. However, if you just want them to sign in, standard signing-in books are no longer acceptable under this more stringent legislation.

The Solution
To get around the issue raised above, we have developed this fully compliant signing in book. As you can see, the signing-in panel has the name fields blacked out. When visiting the premises, the next visitor writes on the clearly marked next line down.

Should you - the building's owner or manager - wish to see a full list of who has signed in, you just need to separate the top blacked-out sheet from the duplicated under-sheet. As you can see in the pictures, the NCR under-sheet will give you a list of who has signed in and out that day. This is particularly useful if the building is evacuated and you need to make sure everyone is safe.

Each Sheet is made up of three sheets of Carbon Paper so your text is transferred from the top page to the bottom page of the set:

  • Top sheet is White with block out Printed for GDPR.
  • Second page is a Tinted Sheet that keeps the Signature Secure from being read.
  • Third sheet is White without any blockout text.
  • Sets are sealed on 3 Edges to prevent names being revealed & stop snooping.
  • 10 Entries Per page, nicely spaced out, give a more professional appearance.

All the pages are glued on the four edges of the paper to form a secure enclosed 3 way paper set.

Size: A4 (210mm x 297mm)


  • Date
  • Name 
  • Company
  • Initials
  • Visiting
  • Time In - Time Out


  • Standard has 30 pages with 10 Entries per Page ( 300 Entries)

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