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Election Window Decals

Business Print uses a high-quality printing process to produce these window decals. We print on one side only or both sides of the adhesive material, so the print can be seen on both sides of the glass. We use a variety of materials, depending on the application and the customer's needs. 

How does Business Print make these double-sided decals?

When printing these types of stickers, we print the first layer in 4 colours (CYMK) in reverse. We back that print with white ink and then the white print with grey ink. Next, we print another layer or two of white ink and, finally, the 4 colours (CYMK). 

When you use an adhesive designed to be transparent, the total opacity is guaranteed. The ‘Car Service Due’ sticker on most vehicles is a good example of this sort of window decal. When you view the sticker from the outside, it appears to have different printing on both sides.

Please find useful election print information in the links below:

At Business Print, we now provide double-sided window decals. This means we can print a different design on each side of a window sticker, allowing you to deliver a different message to those on both sides. To add, the designs on our double-sided window decals are divided by a "blockout" layer, ensuring that the other design does not show through.

Getting Window Decals online is easy and fast if you order from Business Print. You will receive a high-quality printing service backed with customer-centered support. Are you ready to order or do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us on (01) 450 8616 or send us an email at

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