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Quality posters are a great way to promote your brand or service message. Posters with a strong visual design can have your message delivered to a mass audience quickly. Posters can be printed in various sizes from A4 to A0 in size. We can print onto colorful material if required to give your poster that extra bit of impact.

Posters are printed one side on 150gsm Smooth Paper:

  • Framed Display
  • Wall Posters
  • Adverts & Notices

Corrie Board are printed 5mm Corrie Board:

  • Election Style Board
  • Outdoor display
  • Gate or wall signs
  • For Sale Signs
  • Can be cut to custom shape - stars, circles, almost any shape. (Ask for a quotaion for custom cut shapes)

We print your posters digitally or by Lithographic process depending on the quantity required. One thing is guaranteed that the quality will always be of a high standard. We only use high intensity inks, FSC papers and we are a ISO9001 certified printing company. If you need help or assistance in designing your poster we can help. You can hire one of our designers to help complete your project. Or if you want to try it yourself, we recommend an online free software called Canva. Free templates are available on Canva.com which will help you save time and money.

We print posters for smaller quantities for a quick promotion or larger print runs for nationwide awareness campaigns. We use only FSC certified paper usually 150gsm silk which is a smooth medium weight paper, not too light or too heavy. We can offer a range of additional finishes for extra protection to your printed poster such as Matt or Gloss Lamination, non tear material and outdoor inks.

Why Produce Printed Promotional Posters to Attract Attention

Are you looking for a way for your business to generate attention? If your answer is yes, you may want to consider using printed promotional posters. By doing this, you can showcase what your business has to offer and gain interest from potential customers.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the benefits of using printed promotional posters. We will also provide tips on how to create an effective poster campaign. So, if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, keep reading!

Why Are Printed Promotional Posters Effective?

Printed promotional posters are marketing tools businesses use to generate interest and attract attention. Posters are usually printed on paper or cardstock and can be hung in public places, such as business windows, bulletin boards or community centres. They can also be distributed door-to-door or mailed to potential customers.

Printed promotional posters are effective marketing tools. Why? For one, they are highly visible and difficult to ignore. A well-designed poster can capture the attention of passers-by and prompt them to learn more about your business.

Additionally, posters are relatively inexpensive to produce and can be used to target a specific audience. When creating a poster campaign, you can tailor your message and design to appeal to your target market.

How to Create Attention-Grabbing Printed Promotional Posters

To produce printed promotional posters that will attract attention and help to promote your business or event successfully, keep the following things in mind:

  • Target your audience and design your poster accordingly.
  • Keep your message simple and concise.
  • Use eye-catching graphics and fonts.
  • Make sure your text is easy to read.
  • Use bright colours and unique designs to make the poster stand out.

Where Should You Place Printed Promotional Posters?

When using printed promotional posters, it’s important to consider where you’ll place them for the best exposure. Some of the most effective locations include business windows, community centres and public transportation hubs. However, you should also consider your target audience when selecting a placement location. For example, if your business specialises in home furniture, you may want to post your posters in or near residential areas.

How to Ensure that Promotional Posters Generate the Best Results

There are three key things to keep in mind when creating a printed promotional poster campaign:

  • Know and define your target audience. As mentioned above, it’s essential to know who your target audience is. The rest of the steps will be clearer after this is defined.
  • Customise the poster design based on your target audience. Follow the design tips stated above.
  • Place them in strategic locations. Your posters should be strategically located to maximise visibility to potential customers.

By following these tips, you can create an effective printed promotional poster campaign that will help promote your business or event successfully!

Printed Promotional Posters Work

Printed promotional posters are a tried-and-true marketing tool because they effectively get people’s attention and promote businesses or events. Creating posters that will help ensure the success of your business or event is easy. All you need is to know your target audience, use the right design and place them in key areas.

Are you ready to order printed promotional posters? Or do you have any questions? Contact us on 01 450 8616 or email us at sales@businessprint.ie. At Business Print we take it upon ourselves to guarantee that every single product we make is of impeccable quality. With our modern machinery and efficient printing process, we are able to print and deliver high-quality products at cost-effective prices.

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