Visitor Sign In Books - GDPR Compliant - Your new range of confidential docket books

Under 2018’s GDPR, sign-in and sign-out books should not show the private and personal information. Because of that Ógham Docket Books come with a discreet sheet to stop anyone viewing the private and personal information lists

Fields Shown Include: date, name(s), reason, excused/unexcused, initials, relationship, company name, time in and time out. This fields depends on the book.

  • Mission: The objective of Ógham Docket Books is blacked out the private and personal information to comply with GDPR.
  • Undersheet Page: Undersheet page can be used by authorised personnel should the superior wish to review the private and personal information lists.
  • Book Specifications: Book includes card separator, card front and rear covers, and is spiral bound for ease of use.
  • Number of Sign-in Panels: Ógham Docket Books are in A4 size with around 450 panels across 50 pages, This may depend on the book.

Student Sign-In Book wiro bound

Student Sign-In Book

Student Sign-Out Book wiro bound

Student Sign-Out Book

Visitor Sign-In Book wiro bound

Visitor Sign-In Book