Custom Metal Display Unit

Create a unique and long lasting promotional free standing display unit with our metal FSDU units.

Unlike E Flute easy clip units which can get easily damaged over a few weeks, our metal unit will last the test of time and last years instead of months. The header board and side panels are easily changed and swapped out for a quick promotion change.

Change Promotion day to day with your custom metal display unit for heavy and lightweight products.

So without the cost of buying a completely new branded FSDU, simply reprint the header and side panels to create your next promotion very cost effectively. Of course the old panels and headers can be reused when you decide to return to the previous promotion.

At Business Print we take it upon ourselves to guarantee that every single product we make is of impeccable quality. With our modern machinery and efficient printing process, we are able to print and deliver high-quality products at cost-effective prices. If you would like further information on our service please contact us on 01 450 8616 or sales@businessprint.ie.

Metal Video Display Unit

Metal Video Display Unit