Information Display


A free-standing display unit (FSDU) is a type of flexible retail display that’s dedicated to highlighting key products, typically in retail environments. Usually made from cardboard, free-standing display units are a popular standalone retail display solution – combining practical product storage with personalisable advertising space. Their lightweight, portable design makes FSDUs a dynamic promotional display option for both retailers and brands pitching up at trade shows – offering an easy, affordable and effective way to do everything from advertising impulse buys to building brand awareness.

If you’re looking for professional quality retail display stands for your store, these highly adaptable solutions provide an in-store tool for turning heads and maximising revenue – and all for an affordable price. Display materials like these offer a rewarding return on your investment, helping you to make the most of every product promotion and increase what your customers spend during their visit to your shop.

Point of sale stands, such as cardboard FSDUs, are the ultimate way to bring attention to impulse purchases – giving customers on their way to the checkout an eye-catching incentive to add something extra to their basket. With these bespoke retail solutions, you can even deck out your cardboard display stands in a design of your choice – from seasonal graphics to bold brand imagery.



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