Efficient Direct Mail Printing in Dublin

Business Print offer a full range of fulfillment services, allowing you to reach your market even faster. We can help you sort your data, avail of reduced postage rates and help you design your mailing pieces in an optimal manner. If you are thinking of sending a direct mail piece, make sure you talk to us in advance and allow us to assist you in maximising your response rate and minimising your expense!

Our direct mail services include:

  • Database cleaning
  • (De-dup, Address verification, case fixing, removing bad addresses & post-aim sorting)
  • High speed laser printing – colour or black/white, simplex or duplex
  • Auto insertion from C6, DL and C5. Insert up to 6 items.
  • One Piece Mailers
  • Glued to close or glued spines for books
  • Tabbed to close with clear perforated disc
  • Application of labels
  • Hi-speed inkjet addressing, bar coding, serialization and random numbering.


Data preparation is a vital element of each and every mailing project. A correctly formatted database is vital if you are to ensure that your intended recipient receives your mailing, that you don’t go to the unnecessary expense of sending duplicates and that you are availing of the bulk mailing discounts that you might be entitled to.

A good database is critical to ensuring a good response rate. Business Print are on-hand to help you through this process. From de-duplicating records to ensuring that your fields are correctly formatted, we can advise you what needs to be done and then make the necessary corrections as required.

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Data Cleansing   |   Postaim Sorting    |   Data Deduplication   |   Data Processing


Materialise Your Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

Distribute appealing marketing materials in Dublin with Business Print.We will manage your database, print your materials and help distribute them to your target audience. Contact us today for enquiries.