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Business Cards - an easy way to a great impression!


Unlike many trends in the corporate world, business cards seem to successfully stand the test of time. Indeed, they have been and always will be the best way to connect with and impress your potential business associates. Having a high-quality business card should be essential for any company who is serious about doing business. Not only are they an important marketing staple, but also an incredibly cost-effective aid in building your brand. Presenting a well-designed business card is a great way to break the ice but also to leave a lasting impression about you and your company and serve as a reminder for future reference.

If you want potential clients to notice your business, all you need is a dash of creativity… and a bit of help from our service. With Business Print, you can get a business card of professional quality without having to hire a graphic designer! There is a multitude of templates just waiting for you to choose from. Our designs are easy to personalise — we offer a wide variety of styles and themes, as well as an assortment of colours, shapes and finishes to go with them.

What’s more, with our free design tool, you can add your logo, images and custom text. The final look of your business card is entirely up to you. Once you’ve approved of the final design, we’ll print your business cards. We take great pride on the premium paper stocks and superb-quality ink that we use, as well as in the record-breaking speed at which we deliver all our prints. With us, you’ll get your ticket to a great impression in no time. Our business cards come as Standard printed on 320gsm/400gsm silk or as Extra Thick Luxury, printed on 540gsm (double thickness) or 810gsm (triple thickness).

A great business card guarantees a lasting impression!


At Business Print we take it upon ourselves to guarantee that every single business card we make is of impeccable quality. With our modern machinery and efficient printing process, we are able to print and deliver high-quality business cards at cost-effective prices. Our mission is to help you create a memorable first impression, so visit our online gallery, and start thinking of your new business cards today!